Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3rd Public Practice at the Library Center

Richard deftly strikes Steven while guarding his own head
Great practice! Expanding on the themes introduced at the private practice 23 February, during the first 2 hours we covered the 1st and 3rd Remedy Masters of Fiore dei Liberi's (Italian 14th century) dagger play -- including their relevance to self defense as evidenced by many of the specific moves having direct modern parallels. Structured free play (masks, jackets, gloves, flexible daggers) included hollowing and check drills, intercept, cover and slash, etc.

Individual instruction (pike) and sparring consumed the 2nd 2 hour block, with German medieval longsword (aluminum and nylon) and singlestick (baskethilt wooden waster) filling the lion's share of the time.