Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Schola Rubeorum Project

Your place in this (simplified) representation of the Ptolemaic universe 
When you hear the word"medieval", what other words come to mind? Probably not "science" or "intellect", yet the the period known as the High Middle Ages in Europe was a time of remarkable developments in the sciences and the rise of many of today's most prominent universities. That's why the Bramble Schoole has tackled a new historical impression, what we call our "Schola Rubeorum" project. The purpose of this impression will be to present the public with a fresh view on the advancing sciences and vibrant intellectual culture of Western Europe during the 1200s and 1300s. Richard Swinney, Steven Roe, and Scott Crawford will be donning the gowns and tonsures of medieval clerics to present some of the "State of the Art" scientific advancements of the age relating to fields such as surgery, astronomy, chemistry and optics. Catch us at the "Days of Knights" event October 11-13 in Oak Grove Kentucky!

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