Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sunday 3/5/17 - GREAT PRACTICE

Practice report by Richard:
10 students attending

Short Staff Basics followed by Introduction to Fighting with the Flail.

There were 3 sparring flails (2.0) made with berry hoe handles, 700 pound test rope doubled for the chain and PVC pipe sealed in foam for the flail head.
I had considered using a foam sealed wooden dowel for the flail head, but given the acceleration we were experiencing even on day one, the lighter material was clearly the right choice.


Kudos to Evan.  By the time I got home he had already posted photos from today's session on Facebook -- which had already received "likes" by Nate Max and Bob Charrette.

Next up:


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Days of Knights -- 14 - 16 October 2016

We returned to Frankfort, Kentucky for Days of Knights 2016 with the new theme of Early 15th Century Military Science.  Zack Taylor and Evan Fusco presented strategy and tactics of the Agincourt Campaign.  David Swinney demonstrated the physics of trebuchets.  Steven Roe covered longbow and crossbow combat archery.  Jeff Davis taught about military applications of the astrolabe.  Richard Swinney discussed gunpowder weapons, including new information from his recent translation of the 15th century German treatise, Kriegskunst und Kanonen.

Mr. Kael Shuck, Freescholar

We are pleased to announce that on 31 July 2016, after years of study and practice, Kael Shuck attained the rank of Freescholar of the Bramble Schoole.  He is the eighth to receive this title since the school was established in 1999.  Kael faced 8 opponents in a total of 24 bouts with English baskethilt, longsword and staff.  

We are very proud to be associated with this fine young gentleman.

Military Through the Ages -- 19 & 20 March, 2016

In concert with La Belle Compagnie, Bramblers Scott Crawford, Kirk Sullens, Steven Roe and Richard Swinney presented "Hunting as Training for War" at Military Through the Ages, the juried annual gathering of military reenactors from across the U.S. at Jamestown Settlement in Virginia.

The medieval hunting presentation was based heavily on the quintessential medieval hunting text Le Livre de Chasse and other period sources.  This joint effort was very well received, and was awarded 3 blue ribbons:  Best in Cold Steel Period, Visitor's Choice and Reenactor's Choice.  I am told that it was the first time that a single effort won all 3 awards in the 30+ year history of the event.

Well done!