Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3/11/18 - Library Meeting

by Richard Swinney
Hi All,


Ben, Drake, Eric, Ethan, Evan P., Jeff, Scott, Steven, Zack

with guests - Josh, Brandon and Alexis.  For Spring Break, it was a very full house!

Finally got most of the shirts distributed (except for those who couldn’t make it).

We covered fundamentals of Silver’s English baskethilt

Four Grounds
Four Governors
Four True Times / Four False Times ( LEAD. WITH. THE. SWORD !!! )
Four Fights

Parts of the sword - true & false edge, strong & weak
Inside & outside
Cutting, thrusting and slicing
Over, under, around and through
If you see a pommel, grab it — if you see an elbow push it

and more.
 Our next Open Meeting is April 15

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